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Verizon's Visible now has 5G, eSIM, and Canada/Mexico calls, no rate increase

Verizon's Visible is starting off 2021 with a bang by dropping a ton of new features while keeping the same prices.

Published onFebruary 9, 2021

A Samsung Galaxy S9 in front of a brick wall with the Visible logo on the display.
  • You can now get Visible 5G service at the same price you pay for 4G LTE service.
  • The company is also introducing eSIM support, Canada/Mexico calls, and a few other new features.
  • Even with these new perks, the company is keeping its same pricing.

Visible is a prepaid subsidiary brand of Verizon. For almost three years now, it’s offered unlimited 4G service on the Verizon network for just $40 each month. Today, though, it’s upping the ante.

Starting now, customers get Visible 5G service for free with their monthly plan. Obviously, you’ll need to have a 5G-capable device to access that network, and that device must be on Visible’s shortlist of supported phones. What’s more, the 5G service isn’t limited to Verizon’s Sub-6 network. You can also access the mmWave network, assuming you live in the very limited areas in which it’s available.

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What’s the catch? Unfortunately, your 5G speeds will be capped at 200Mbps. While that’s still plenty fast, there are reports of 5G speeds blowing past the 1Gbps barrier. Visible customers won’t be able to see those speeds.

Visible 5G support comes with eSIM and more

In addition to 5G, Visible customers now can activate their phones using eSIM. That means they no longer need to buy a Visible SIM card and wait for it to arrive in the mail. With a supported device, customers can activate their phones in just 15 minutes from wherever they might be.

The catch here is that only iPhones are supported for now. When Visible first launched, it only supported iPhones, so it makes sense that it would start this new system with iPhone exclusivity. The company promises that Android eSIM support is coming soon. However, not every Android phone supports eSIM at the moment, which is a shame.

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Visible is also expanding outside of the United States. Starting today, customers can make calls to Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. This was previously a big barrier for potential subscribers.

Finally, Visible is also opening a referral program, launching a new community forum, and expanding the number of people who can contribute to a monthly plan using Party Pay.

You can find out more about the new Visible 5G service, eSIM support, and all the other new features at