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Verizon Smart Family: Parental controls get new name, premium tier

Verizon's parental control suite gets a new name, a fresh lick of paint, and a more expensive Premium tier.
April 20, 2018
Verizon Smart Family

Whether you’re a helicopter parent or just have kids who neglect their homework, Verizon’s FamilyBase seems like a pretty decent option. But the U.S. network has opted to rebrand the service, now going by the Smart Family moniker.

The service, which costs $4.99 a month, offers a suite of controls for parents. This allows them to pause internet access to a specific phone, implement content filters to block inappropriate websites and apps, and view the battery status on your child’s phone.

Other notable features include the ability to put a cap on data/calls/texts, as well as being able to view a child’s call and text activity.

The company also has a Smart Family Premium tier, which offers all the aforementioned features but tosses in location tracking as well. This also gives you the option to receive notifications when your child leaves or arrives at a specific location.

Verizon adds that their app has also received a fresh coat of paint to go with the rebranding, offering a new design and easier controls. Aside from the new look and name, is it just the same old service?

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“What is new and different are the location features and many features from FamilyBase were enhanced,” a Verizon representative told Android Authority. “The premium option did not exist before, so that’s new too.”

Don’t care for the U.S. network’s solution? Or maybe you aren’t a Verizon subscriber? There are a few alternatives around, such as ESET Parental Control, Kaspersky SafeKids and McAfee’s Safe Family app.