• Starting Jan 25th Go Unlimited users will be able to use their phone and get unlimited talk, text and data in Mexico/Canada.
  • This feature was previously just for the more expensive Beyond Unlimited plan.
  • 4G data speeds are limited to 500 MB per day in Mexico and Canada.

Verizon Wireless is giving people who sign up for its less expensive Go Unlimited plan a new perk. Starting on Jan. 25, those customers will now be able to use their phone and get unlimited talk, text and data if they travel to Mexico and Canada. They will also be able to access unlimited calling to any number in those two countries from the US under the Go Unlimited plan.

Previously, these features were reserved for people who signed up for the more expensive Beyond Unlimited plan, which begins at $85 a month for one line. The Go Unlimited plan begins at $75 a month for just one line, so this change means those customers are now getting a bit more value for the money.

The only real catch to this Mexico and Canada addition is that if you go to those countries on both the Go and Beyond Unlimited plans, your 4G data speeds will be limited to just 500 MB per day. If you exceed that cap before the day ends, you will still get data on your phone, but the downloads will be cut way down to just 2G speeds. Still, it’s nice if you are a frequent traveler to those countries from the US and are signed up for Verizon’s unlimited plans. There’s no need to worry about seeing huge data bills when you come back home.

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