Verizon Wireless best prepaid plans in the US

Although Verizon maintains a sizeable lead, recent data scoped out by RootMetrics seems to indicate that Death Star and Magenta are narrowing the gap between themselves and Big Red. Verizon’s massive userbase of nearly 150 million subscribers has given them the fuel to build and maintain the nation’s largest mobile carrier, but scrappy advertising on the part of T-Mobile and AT&T’s willingness to engage a changing market are hitting steady paydirt.

RootMetrics based their study on six key performance areas: reliability, speed, data, text, calls, and overall. Their findings have Verizon taking the lead in all six categories with AT&T close behind and T-Mobile right after that.

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This study comes on the tail of a separate study by OpenSignal which saw T-mobile eking out the win in four out of six categories.

According to RootMetric’s figures, Verizon takes the first place slot in all categories, and AT&T ranks a narrow second in reliability, speed, data, and text. Sprint beat out AT&T for the silver medal in the call category. T-Mobile came in last for reliability, call, and text, but still secured third place over Sprint in terms of overall experience, probably due to Sprint’s brutally poor scores in the speed category.

Verizon still has a clear hold on the market, but their time on the throne may not last forever. In general, higher competition between the big four is good news for consumers, as nobody has been particularly fond of the duopoly that Verizon and AT&T have long been lording over the market.

What are your thoughts regarding the latest data from RootMetric? Are you a Verizon subscriber, or do you prefer a different carrier? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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