Verizon has a new Blaze Red edition of LG’s popular G3 smartphone, and for Cyber Monday it’s available for $0 when entering into a two-year contract agreement (sorry, EDGE buyers still have a monthly installment). For all those interested, the Blaze RED G3 might be exactly what the doctor ordered, especially when paired with the free LG G Pad that Verizon appears to be giving away with the phone (make sure to check the Source link for details).

This is actually the second new color variant the phone has received in recent weeks, with the Blue Steel model having set the fashion world ablaze last month. Clearly LG is seeking to maximize the flagship device’s sales by releasing a cornucopia of colors to compliment buyer creativity. And of course, judging by the Korean company’s recent performance, it seems to be working.

It’s also worth pointing out that LG has been very aggressive in its updating the hardware to Android Lollipop, so those interested in the device need not worry about its future, though as its a bit less clear as to when Verizon will deploy the OTA update. Be sure to check out our full review of the G3 if you haven’t already!

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