LG G3 How To Take a Screenshot-3

LG is enjoying a strong period, at a time when much of the industry is experiencing a slowdown or even struggling to turn a profit.

For the past couple of quarters, LG announced record sales, and analysts believe the Korean group will manage to move a total of 60 million smartphones in 2014. A big part of that success will be owed to the G3, which is slated to become LG’s first device to hit the 10 million sales milestone.

LG announced the achievement in a statement to the Korea Times:

LG has emerged as a new game-changer in a number of fields. LG Electronics’ latest flagship, the G3 smartphone, will exceed the 10 million sales mark for the first time since we entered the smartphone industry.

Ten million units may not seem like a huge performance, at least when you compare it with behemoths like the Galaxy S series or the iPhone. But for LG it’s a real achievement and a confirmation that the road it started on two years ago with the Optimus 4X HD was the right one.

The G3 officially launched in July. LG didn’t say when it expects to reach the 10 million milestone.

What made the G3 success story possible? First and foremost, the device itself. Reviewers have almost universally praised it, and users seem to love it as well. Another big factor may be the strong strategic collaboration between the various LG affiliates that make the G3’s components. It’s not only the smartphone-making unit that’s thriving – LG Display (displays), LG Innotek (components), and LG Chem (batteries) have reported good performances as well.

LG says it’s going to further accelerate its efforts in the second part of the year. The company recently revealed the G3 Stylus, the budget L Bello and L Fino, and is planning to launch a second Android Wear smartwatch called G Watch R at IFA next week.

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