Big Red is the biggest US carrier, but it definitely didn’t get to this level by keeping its prices low or offering great prepaid options. Instead, they have focused on reliability, marketing and speed. Those who do like prepaid options now have another choice to look at, though. Is it a worthy alternative? We are not sure, but let’s dig into the details for now.

Verizon has just introduced a new unlimited plan for prepaid users. It goes for $80 a month, offering unlimited talk, text and data. But what makes it special? That does seem a bit pricey compared to other networks out there, but there are some advantages to Verizon’s plan. For one thing there’s the strength of their network. Additionally, subscribers will get unlimited texts to over 200 countries, as well as unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada. That, in and of itself might be a deal maker for many of you.

But this plan is certainly not perfect. In fact, there are some worrying downsides being highlighted in the small print. For starters, it seems you might never be able to enjoy HD video, as Big Red states users can only stream up to 480p. It is also mentioned they may prioritize other users over you during congested times. Does this mean you pretty much become a second-class user when compared to postpaid users? It kind of sounds like it.

What do you think? Are any of you signing up?