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Here's how to unlock your O2 UK phone

Here's everything you need to about how to unlock your O2 phone!

Published onAugust 27, 2019

There are a lot of benefits to buying a phone directly from a network carrier, including the option of monthly payment plans and a variety of perks the network may offer. On the flip side, having a device locked to only one network can cause its fair share of headaches as well. Luckily, getting your device unlocked has become quite easy. Here’s how to unlock your O2 U.K. phone!

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Is my O2 phone already unlocked?

The good news is that if you have bought a phone from O2 recently, it may already be unlocked.

  • Any Apple devices bought since August 1, 2018, will be unlocked.
  • All new smartphones and devices bought since January 2019 will not be locked.
  • HUAWEI dongles have been sold unlocked since April 2019.
  • The only exceptions are Alcatel and Doro devices, that will continue to remain locked to the network.

The easiest way to know whether your phone is locked to the network or not is to simply use a SIM card from another carrier. If it connects to the other network without issue, the phone is unlocked and ready to go. If you get an error message or a pop-up stating that the device is network locked, the rest of these steps are for you.

How to unlock your O2 phone

Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers

  • Fill out the device unlocking form. Useful information to have ready are your contact details, the phone number associated with that device, and the device IMEI number (see below).
  • You can also request a device unlock code by logging into your My O2 account.
  • To speak with customer service, you can use O2’s Live Chat feature. Alternatively, you can also call 202 (from a pay monthly phone) or 4445 (from a pay as you go phone).

Business customers

  • Only the primary account holder will be able to request unlock codes for any/all the phones that are linked to the business account.
  • Fill out the device unlock form.

How long does it take and how much will it cost?

The good news is that any phone that you’ve bought directly from O2 can be unlocked for free. There are certain conditions you might have to meet, but for the most part, the process should be quick and easy.

Once you complete the device unlock request using any of the methods mentioned above, you will receive an unlock code within seven days. If you have an iPhone, you will get a confirmation via text. For any other device, an unlock code will be sent to you via email. Use the code to unlock the phone.

In a few cases, O2 may need to contact the device manufacturer to get the unlock code. This mostly happens with older smartphones. If this is needed, it may take up to 10 working days for your unlock code to be processed.

Things to remember

  • If you are a pay monthly customer you are still obligated to see out the terms of the contract until it ends. Your phone will be unlocked and you can use it with other networks. But unlocking the phone is not the same as breaking your contract.
  • You will need to provide the device IMEI number while filling out the unlock request form or when speaking to customer service. Dial *#06#* to find the IMEI number. Alternatively, you can also go to Settings > About Device > Status > IMEI information (The steps may differ slightly depending on the phone).
  • Keep in mind that you have limited attempts to successfully enter an unlock code. Make sure that you’re entering the info correctly, and remember that unlock codes are case sensitive.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock an O2 phone! Be sure to check out more U.K. content below.

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