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Unlock Alert - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Unlock Alert. This app keeps your phone safe by showing who is trying to unlock your phone and where they are. Check it out!

Published onMay 6, 2014

unlock alert review

What is Unlock Alert?

Unlock Alert is a simple little application that does only one thing. It alerts you when someone is trying to access your phone without authorization. There are a lot of applications that have the capacity to do this, but the feature is generally packaged with a lot more features. You’ll often find them in antivirus apps or apps that find your phone. Unlock Alert takes this one feature and puts it in its own application.

The interface is simple to use even if it is a tad bland. The premise is simple. You set how many times someone can miss trying your password, pin, or pattern before it alerts you. It will take a picture of the saboteur via the front facing camera and take a GPS location of the device and then it will alert by emailing you the picture and the GPS location. There is also Dropbox support if you would like to use that.

That’s really it folks. It’s a very simple app with a very simple premise. It doesn’t take a lot of space or battery life to run and you can easily find out if anyone is trying to access your information. You can set a scare screen if you so choose warning the person that they are being monitored and you can customize how many times they try before the app does its job. You can also set to save the image to your gallery and whether or not the app works on WiFi or mobile data.

What is wrong with this app?

So far the user reviews have been universally positive. The app has been tested with a number of current flagship devices and claims support for Android Gingerbread and up. However, it is a young release which means there are likely some bugs. The app description does warn that the camera capture may not always work but we had no problem with that. Aside from bugs, the design is a little dreary but outside of setting up the app, we don’t anticipate people spending a lot of time in there.

Unlock Alert review

Final thoughts

Overall, Unlock Alert is a nice app. It features functionality that you can usually only get as part of a suite along with other features. If you wanted just this feature and none of those other ones, then this is a good app to try out. Or if you use apps that don’t have this feature and you want to add it -such as using Android Device Manager- it’s a good way to augment your device protection without adding redundant features. It’s free to use with no advertisements and you can try it out using the button below.

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