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Frequency - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Frequency. If YouTube and cable television had a baby, it would be Frequency. If you like watching web videos, check it out!
May 5, 2014

What is Frequency?

Imagine if YouTube and cable television had a baby. That baby would

indie app of the day
be Frequency. Frequency is an application that can be described as an RSS feed for video. It compiles sources from around the internet to create a near-constant stream of news video from sources like YouTube, The Wall Street Journal, TED, CNN, Android Authority, and others.

Here’s how it works. You open the app, select a video to play, and then watch it. That’s really it. You can choose from a number of categories including kids, tech, politics, general news, and sports along with many others. Frequency also comes with social media integration for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine so you can quickly find videos from your contacts via those sources. All the feeds are frequently updated so there’s really never a lack of anything to watch.

Although the app doesn’t adhere to the Android design guidelines, the app still manages to look pretty good. The bottom part is intended for personal use and lets you create channels, surf videos, and watch videos. Along the top is a recommendation bar of sorts where a number of top news sources can be found for easy access. It could be argued that the app could be more ergonomic if it used the design guidelines. However, not using them didn’t really hinder the experience.

Perhaps the best part about Frequency is the customization. You can create your own channel lineup with your own sources if you so choose. The app has well over a thousand channels to choose from and includes not just mainstream channels but indie channels as well. Overall, Frequency features a lot of depth and that provides a lot of options for people to gather news. It’s also not restricted to just news channels. People have used the app to find comedy channels, animal channels, and other sorts of videos too.

Frequency review

What is wrong with this app?

It kept a lot of its iOS design elements when it was ported to Android and that may cause a few shakes of the head. There have been a few people that have complained that the service is not available in their area as well. There haven’t been a lot of bugs reported yet although I’m sure there have to be at least some because it is still an initial release. What bugs there are will likely be discovered as the app gets more popular. So far, people seem to be enjoying it and haven’t complained about anything bad yet. The only really bad thing about it is a lack of Chromecast support for now.

Frequency review

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a really nice app. Every day life is getting busier and busier and people simply do not have the time to go browsing individual websites for videos anymore. Frequency fills this gap amazingly well. The set up process can take some time and we’re sure there are bugs that are yet to be discovered, but once everything is up and running you have a personalized, ever-updating stream of content sent directly to your device and that’s a service we can get behind. It’s also free in the Google Play Store and you can pick it up using the button below.

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