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Make It Rain - Indie app of the day

Today's app of the day is called Make It Rain. In this silly little time waster you make as much money as you can. Note: does not make it rain actual money. Check it out!
May 10, 2014
Make It Rain review

What is Make It Rain?

Make It Rain is a little time waster game where you make it rain digital money. The premise is very simple. You start with no money and then you end up making a bunch of money. It’s the polar opposite of games like Flappy Bird because it’s incredibly easy to play and you can’t possibly lose. It is time consuming, though.

Okay so the point of playing is to make money and there are three ways to make money. You can swipe up on the dollar stack to earn a quick buck, you can invest in financial things to earn money per second while the app is open, and then you can invest in politics which will earn you money when the app is not open. All three of these methods can be upgraded so you can earn more money per swipe, per second, or while the app is closed out. It is very quick to play and the graphics are simple.

Last night, I left my phone screen on (and plugged in) all night long to see how much money I could accumulate overnight. I cannot explain why I did it.

The other big part of the game is the FBI spin wheel. Every now and then the FBI investigates you and you have to spin the wheel to find out what happens. Usually it lands on guilty and you’ll have to give up roughly 50% of your resources along with a percentage of your per second income. It’s pretty obnoxious because it is a blatantly transparent attempt to get you to buy pardons which are in-app purchases valued at $0.99. You don’t have to do it and you can earn back the money on your own, but it is annoying nevertheless.

Speaking of in app purchases, the game has a few. Aside from the bribes you can also get double money earnings, double balance, and you can get an assortment of stuff for completing tasks like connecting to Facebook, reading random articles, or downloading apps. It’s worth noting that buying pretty much any in-app purchase also removes all of the advertisements. I personally thought that was unique and cool. Instead of making ad removal a single in-app purchase, it’s added as a reward to any other in-app purchase.

That’s really it, folks. It’s a quick to play game that can get surprisingly addictive. Last night, I left my phone screen on (and plugged in) all night long to see how much money I could accumulate overnight. I cannot explain why I did it or what possessed me to do so. That’s a part of the charm of this game.

Make It Rain review
Overall, this is a pretty fun little application. It is free and while the FBI spin wheel is a little bit annoying, it doesn’t detract all that much from the game. Most games have annoying obstacles that people dislike and in Make It Rain we simply chalk up the FBI spin wheel to that annoying obstacle. Aside from that, Make It Rain is a surprisingly addictive experience even if there isn’t all that much to the game. As a free-to-play time waster, it’s about as good as it gets. However, if you’re looking for an actual game experience, you may want to look elsewhere. To get it, click the button below!