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How to unfriend someone on Facebook

It's quick and easy.
March 22, 2022

If you want to curate your Facebook friends list or remove people you haven’t spoken to in years, you can easily unfriend someone using the app or website with a few simple steps. Here’s how to unfriend someone on Facebook.

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To unfriend someone on Facebook, go to their profile page, click or tap on the Friends section and choose Unfriend.


Use the Facebook app

To unfriend someone using the app, search for their profile page. Tap the Friends bar below their name and select Unfriend in the pop-up menu.

Unfriend someone on Facebook using the website

unfriend on facebook using the website
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To unfriend someone on Facebook using the website, open the person’s profile. Click the Friends bar next to their name and click Unfriend.

What happens when you unfriend someone?

You will not see any posts from them on your timeline and vice versa. They can see posts or photos that you both are tagged in if the post is visible. If you unfriend someone, they will still see your name on them.

How to tell if someone unfriended you

If someone has unfriended you on Facebook, you will no longer see their private posts. If you suspect you have been unfriended, go to the person’s profile. If you see the Add a friend option, it means you have been unfriended. If you cannot find their profile, they may have disabled their account or blocked you.

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What is the difference between Unfriend, Unfollow, and Take a break?

Instead of unfriending someone, you have the option to Unfollow or Take a break (on the mobile app only). Unfollow ensures that you won’t see the person’s posts on your timeline, but they can still see yours. Taking a break goes two steps further by stopping the person from seeing your posts and letting you choose between keeping or hiding previous interactions.

Do people know when you unfriend or unfollow them on Facebook?

Facebook will not notify a person if you unfriend or unfollow them. However, if they search for your profile, they will notice that you aren’t Facebook friends anymore.

What is the difference between Unfriend and Block?

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, they can still find your profile and send you a direct message. If you block someone, they will not be able to find your profile.

Can I undo it if I unfriend someone?

You will have to send the person a friend request again if you have unfriended them.