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Wear OS, the wearable operating system from Google that’s based on Android, catches a lot of flak. The OS is notoriously buggy and battery life on Wear OS watches is sometimes laughably bad. Still, that hasn’t stopped luxury brands from trying to charge top-dollar for them.

Recently, we saw the Montblanc Summit 2 Plus, a $1,170 watch, as well as the Tag Heuer Connected, which starts at $1,800. Granted, these are luxury watches, so you’re paying more for the brand recognition than the specs and usability. Still, that got us thinking: What if there were a “perfect” Wear OS watch. How much would you pay for it?

One of the biggest problems facing Wear OS is the lack of a “Prime” device. Android proper has the Google Pixel line (or the Samsung Galaxy S line, if you disagree) but there’s no “gotta have it” smartwatch running the operating system. If one did exist, though, it would probably be pretty expensive — but it might be worth the price.

Just imagine a smartwatch that’s perfect for you. It’s the right size, has the screen shape you like (circular, square, etc.), has a battery that lasts for multiple days without a charge, is waterproof, etc. It has plenty of storage space and tons of RAM. Imagine that watch being powered by Wear OS and then decide how much you would spend on it.

Since the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is essentially the most expensive and powerful Android phone on the market right now, we’ll call this imaginary watch the Wear OS Ultra. Click one of the buttons below and let us know what you would do if this watch existed!

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