Ubisoft has just announced that the latest game in the Rayman franchise, entitled Rayman Adventures, will make its way to mobile smartphones and tablets sometime this fall.

The game features the familiar side scrolling gameplay that we’ve come to expect from other Rayman titles, so there’s nothing too out of the ordinary with this one. However, judging by the graphics shown off in the trailer, this game looks extremely polished, and will come with some killer graphics.

Rayman Adventures will star none other than Rayman himself, along with his new viking buddy, Barbara. During the duo’s quest to save the elusive “sacred tree”, the Enchanted Forest much also be saved by hunting down a multitude of ancient eggs that have been stolen and scattered all over the world.

Although the trailer doesn’t specifically mention that the game will come to Android, we have a pretty good feeling it will when it launches in the fall. No pricing information has been given quite yet, either, though both Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run are available in the Google Play Store for $2.99 each. We know details are a little scarce for the time being, but we’ll let you know once Ubisoft releases more details about Rayman Adventures.