This week we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, went hands-on with the new Xiaomi Mi A1, and talked about the potential Google/HTC acquisition. Here’s the news of the week!

Who wants to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

The new Galaxy Note 8 is a feature-packed powerhouse of a smartphone. Here’s how you can win one!

10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: do bigger things, at a bigger price The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 brings more RAM, a larger high resolution display, and dual cameras, but at a higher cost than ever before. Here’s our full review!

Google and HTC said to be in ‘final stage’ of negotiation for sale or investment There is no smoke without fire, as they say, and the smoke around HTC’s rumored “strategic options” is only getting thicker. Here’s why this could be good news.

Android Authority’s Best of IFA 2017 awards IFA may have been about more than just mobile but this year a few products caught our eye! Here are our picks for the Best of IFA 2017!

Xiaomi Mi A1 first impressions: how’s stock Android on a Xiaomi phone? The pitch for the new Mi A1 by Xiaomi is that the phone is ‘created by Xiaomi, powered by Google’. It’s an interesting amalgamation, but does it bring any value to the consumer? We think it does.

LG Q6 review – budget beauty As Chinese budget smartphones continue to march westward, South Korea’s LG has a new entry-level contender. This is the LG Q6 review.

Huawei beat Apple for second place in the global smartphone market It looks like Huawei’s plan to become the largest smartphone maker in the world is on track.

POLED vs IPS LCD display technology explained The new LG V30 arrived sporting an impressive P-OLED display, but how does this technology compare to traditional smartphone LCD panels?

This is Motorola’s first Android One phone, likely coming to the US The next manufacturer to join the Android One program could be Motorola, according to a leak from Evan Blass.

Looking at Camp Apple: what to expect from the new iPhones Here is everything you need to know about the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 that will likely be announced during Apple’s September 12 event.

Hearables: the game to own your ears is on While the average consumer is still digesting the idea of having something connected around the wrist, a new wearable kid is already exploring the block.

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