According to the latest data, Samsung’s Tizen surpassed Android Wear during Q1 of 2017 to become the second largest smartwatch OS in the world.

Tizen has come a long way: an open source OS whose primary advocate and developer is none other than Samsung. In fact, Samsung is the only member of the Tizen Association who has been increasingly incorporating the OS into its products, ranging from wearables to fridges. Although the South Korean electronics company unveiled an Android Wear-based smartwatch three years ago, it never really took off (and I personally don’t think Samsung wanted it to). Since then, Samsung has shifted its focus to Tizen-based smartwatches, continuously expanding its portfolio.

Well, it looks like Samsung is faring quite well on its own. According to the latest data from Tizen Experts, Tizen surpassed Android Wear to become the second most popular smartwatch OS in the world in Q1 of 2017. As you can see below, watchOS still leads the market at 57 percent, but Tizen has narrowly overtaken Android Wear with a 1 percentage point difference.

It’s no secret that Android Wear has been troubled by a lack of interest from manufacturers: consumers are still unconvinced about wearables, and Google’s platform arguably offers less flexibility when compared to Tizen. To top it off, Android Wear 2.0 was delayed multiple times, raising questions about Google’s commitment to its wearable platform.

On the other hand, Samsung has been relatively successful in grounding its Tizen-based wearable OS with the Gear line. Though the first few iterations were uninspiring at best, the Gear S2 as well as the recently-announced Gear S3 smartwatches offer not only one of the most compelling designs but also incredible specs. For what could be Tizen’s only drawback – lack of apps – Samsung tries to compensate with beautifully-designed gadgets with innovative technology, and so far, it seems to be working.

Given Samsung’s determination and sheer financial prowess, you might find that your next smartwatch is a Tizen-based one.

It’s expected that Apple’s watchOS will continue to lead the market share, but given Samsung’s determination and sheer financial prowess, you might find that your next smartwatch is a Tizen-based one.

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