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Tile Stickers, and more tech news you need to know today

Tile made a sticky Tile but it all reminds us that Apple is likely joining the find-your-things-ecosystem, and probably soon.

Published onOctober 8, 2019

tile sticker 2019

Your tech digest, by way of the DGiT Daily newsletter, for Tuesday, October 8.

1. Tile adds new sticky products as Apple threat looms

The rumor mill is pretty hot that Apple will release some kind of tracking device soon, with its U1 chip built into the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models to achieve the tracking part, at least.

  • Describing exactly what Apple might release is easiest to describe if you say it will bring out something like a Tile.
  • That’s because Tile has assumed itself as the default brand associated with Bluetooth trackers that help you not lose things.
  • Just like you Google something, you try not to lose your stuff with a Tile.
  • There are many knock-off brands on Amazon, too, but Tile is the premium brand, with better design evolutions over the years, including adding replaceable batteries to its range.
Tile Sticker stuck

Now, there’s the new ‘Sticker’ range, before Apple steps in and announces its own system. This isn’t huge news alone, but there’s a pretty good sense this might be Tile’s last chance to own the space. Y’know, before Apple does what it has done many times before.

  • The Sticker is the smallest Tile yet, and it’s been developed in collaboration with 3M to be stuck to things. (See, it’s stuck right on that Canon DSLR, above.)
  • Previous Tiles have always been a square keychain fob accessory of some type, for finding your keys or your wallet, but these water-resistant models are designed for sticking and staying stuck.
  • Over the years we’ve seen our customers use Tile for a variety of items,” said CJ Prober, Tile CEO.
  • From wallets to remote controls, power tools to backpacks, our customers have shown us they want a Tile for everything. We’ve designed our new product line to empower the Tile community to find literally anything.”
  • The Tile Mate and Tile Pro ranges, which don’t stick, have been updated with longer ranges too for better Bluetooth tracking
  • Tile Stickers starting from $39.99 for a two-pack, $59.99 for a four-pack; Tile Slim at $29.99; Tile Mate at $24.99; and Tile Pro at $34.99. They’ll be on Amazon and everywhere else later today, apparently.
  • BoingBoing points out there are 3D printed models for tracking AirPods cases with a Tile, and seriously, any kind of case for true wireless buds can be so easily misplaced, so this is a good idea.
  • And that’s probably exactly the kind of thing Apple is going to target with its trackers.
  • Tile did get ahead of the game a little bit, announcing earlier this year it would embed its tech into chips from the likes of Qualcomm, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, and Toshiba.
  • As for Apple, well, given its hardware chops it could easily do equivalent stickers, or it could build in trackers into its next devices as Tile has offered to Qualcomm etc.
  • That’s going to be interesting to see – possibly as soon as this month?

2. Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold a good tablet? (Android Authority).

3.  Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown reveals how Samsung addressed its issues (Android Authority).

4. macOS Catalina is available as of right now, and CNET says good things: Apple lets the Mac be a pro, and makes the iPad a partner, after years of letting iOS get all the new shiny features. It’s the end of iTunes, too.

5. Amazon upgrades its Fire HD 10 tablet with USB-C and a faster processor (CNET).

6. LG puts its 38% transparent OLED TVs in Harrods windows in London to demonstrate its technology (a). It’s all about what you don’t see, because these screens are better at blending in… and I guess the pictures aren’t telling the full story, or the effect is much much better in person?

7. Eight Chinese tech firms placed on U.S. Entity List for their role in human rights violations against Muslim minority (TechCrunch).

8. The Uber Copter vs. MTA public transit in a race to JFK — and it was very close (NY Post). “One is a bumpy, deafening and slightly nauseating way to get to John F. Kennedy Airport — the other is public transportation.”

9. Astronomers just found 20 new moons around Saturn (Gizmodo), and now there’s at least 82 in orbit. Plus the rings.

10. Here’s a review of a $4,000 Stellina smart telescope, and no doubt space snobs will say all the manual effort makes it more worthwhile, but a good way to get started if money isn’t an issue? (

11. “Why do only a few languages, mostly in southern Africa, have clicking sounds? Why don’t more languages have them?” (r/askscience).

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