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Texas Instruments launches first all-in-one USB Type-C & PD controller

The new USB Type-C is about to take over the tech industry and every company out there is getting ready for it. Starting today, you can include Texas Instruments to the list.

Published onAugust 4, 2015

texas instruments chip logo

The new USB Type-C is about to take over the tech industry and every company out there is getting ready for it. Starting today, you can include Texas Instruments to the list. The chip manufacturer has announced the world’s first all-in-one USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller – the TPS65982.

But just what is this thing? Surely, it sounds like something meant for engineers… and it is. This is likely what many manufacturers will use to manage USB Type-C connections, and it is only available for distributors. This controller is able manage both power and data in multiple modes, allowing product makers to take advantage of the many features USB-C has to offer.

Combined with other products from Texas Instruments, like the HD3SS460, it can enable delivering power up to 100W, support for DisplayPort, 5.4 GB/s transfers and more. This system can also determine USB Type-C orientation, making it possible to have that reversible feature we are all so excited about. Upon connection, the TPS65982 also communicates with the wire to determine power path.


  • USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller
    • Mode Configuration for Source (Host), Sink (Device), or Source-Sink
    • Bi-Phase Marked Encoding/Decoding (BMC)
    • Physical Layer (PHY) Protocol
    • Policy Engine
    • Configurable at Boot and Host-Controlled
  • USB Type-C Specification Compliant
    • Detect USB Cable Plug Attach
    • Cable Orientation and Role Detection
    • Assign CC and VCONN Pins
    • Advertise Default, 1.5 A or 3 A for Type-C Power
  • Port Power Switch
    • 5-V, 3-A Switch to VBUS for Type-C Power
    • 5-V to 20-V, 3-A Bidirectional Switch to or from VBUS for USB PD Power
    • 5-V, 600-mA Switches for VCONN
    • Over-Current Limiter, Overvoltage Protector
    • Slew Rate Control
    • Hard Reset Support
  • Port Data Multiplexer
    • USB 2.0 HS Data, UART Data, and Low Speed Endpoint
    • Sideband Use Data for Alternate Modes (DisplayPort and Thunderbolt™)
  • Power Management
    • Gate Control and Current Sense for External 5-V to 20-V, 5-A Bi-directional Switch (Back-to-Back NFETs)
    • Power Supply from 3.3-V or VBUS Source
    • 3.3-V LDO Output for Dead Battery Support
  • BGA MicroStar Junior Package
    • 0.5-mm Pitc
    • Through-Hole Via Compatible for All Pins

The new TPS65982 can be applied to laptops, tablets, docking stations, chargers, handsets and more, so you will likely start using this technology in many of your common gadgets. We know it can be a bit complicated to understand all these technical details, but as consumer we can take away one thing: USB-C is a very powerful standard that needs strong management, and TI is ready to provide it.

I, for one, am stoked to take advantage of all the benefits USB-C has to offer. Having all your needs met by a single port is the dream. I just hope computer manufacturers can install multiple ones in computers, so we don’t have to deal with all the issues New Macbook users are struggling with.

Want to learn more about USB Type-C? You should, because manufacturers like OnePlus, Nokia and Apple have already started jumping on-board with it. And we expect all the other big guys to start implementing the new technology soon, so go ahead and read our comprehensive article on USB-C.


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