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Best upcoming Android phones of 2020

Team AA January 17, 2020 41757 shares

Forget flagships, mid-range phones are making the biggest technological leaps

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 618 shares

Who is BBK, the world’s second largest phone manufacturer?

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 1413 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 specs: All the rumors and leaks so far

Hadlee Simons January 16, 2020 1154 shares
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John Legere promises 3 years of ‘same or better rate plans’ after Sprint merger

Legere makes the promise in a new open letter to the FCC surrounding the T-Mobile-Sprint merger plans.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 5, 201986 shares

T-Mobile mocks “duopoly” and promises 5G in 30 cities in 2018

Not to be bested by its three rivals, T-Mobile has announced its own plans to roll out 5G networks in 30 American cities by the end of the year.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 27, 2018211 shares

AT&T files complaint against T-Mobile over claymation John Legere video

A T-Mobile holiday ad featuring John Legere in claymation has angered AT&T. A complaint was filed and now the FCC and FTC must step in.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 19, 2018258 shares

T-Mobile CEO John Legere slams Verizon and AT&T, announces 16 new Binge On partners

Today T-Mobile’s controversial CEO John Legere took his video blog to announce that T-Mobile has added 16 new partners to their streaming service Binge On. He also had some colorful ...
John DyeJuly 26, 2016432 shares

T-Mobile is about to make their 11th ‘Uncarrier’ move

T-Mobile is about to make their eleventh ‘Uncarrier’ move on June 6th, and they’ve been pushing the hype all day today.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 2, 2016249 shares

T-Mobile reports that Binge On users stream twice as much video, adds Amazon Video

T-Mobile announced that Binge On customers spend twice as many hours per day streaming video than they did prior to the service being rolled out.
John DyeJanuary 28, 2016234 shares

T-Mobile “Busts Verizon’s Balls”

T-Mobile has decided to bite back at Verizon with a fact-checking counter-ad.
John DyeJanuary 21, 2016484 shares

John Legere apologizes to EFF but continues to defend Binge On

After dismissing Binge On throttling allegations last week and breaking out some colourful language, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has apologised to the EFF.
Robert TriggsJanuary 12, 2016278 shares

T-Mobile CEO colorfully dismisses allegations of Binge On throttling

The ever-controversial T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter and YouTube today, denouncing any allegations of throttling Binge On as unsubstantiated.
John DyeJanuary 7, 2016247 shares

Watch T-Mobile CEO John Legere festively throw shade at rival carriers

T-Mobile is getting into the holiday spirit by producing a gleefully aggressive music video that flips the bird to Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.
John DyeDecember 11, 2015413 shares
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