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LG G8 ThinQ camera review: average all around

Edgar Cervantes 10 hours ago 59 shares

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release, new launch date to be announced in the coming weeks

C. Scott Brown April 22, 2019 1042 shares

Huawei P30 review: High cost of entry

David Imel 15 hours ago 93 shares

From OnePlus 6T to OnePlus One: A week with a 5-year-old phone

C. Scott Brown April 23, 2019 226 shares
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You can now make Google Duo audio calls on Home speakers

Duo audio calls also work through Google's Home Hub.
Justin DuinoMarch 1, 2019123 shares

Google Duo on the web is live now for all

If you love using Google Duo on your smartphone or tablet but have always wanted to use it on your computer, now you can.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 26, 2019327 shares

10 best video chat apps for Android!

Video calling is about as easy as it gets these days. You have tons of options to find the one you like most. Here are the best video chat apps for Android!
Joe HindyJanuary 5, 201997066 shares

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

The 275th Android Apps Weekly is live! This week we talk about Duo's big milestone, Brawl Star's outstanding success, a new game from the makers of HQ Trivia, and more Android apps and ...
Joe HindyDecember 29, 20187484 shares

Google Duo reaches one billion downloads

It only took Duo six months to gather 500 million downloads and hit the one billion milestone.
Williams PelegrinDecember 25, 2018875 shares

Video messaging coming this week to Google Duo

Google is rolling out a video messaging function within Google Duo. Now you can send brief video messages to your contacts.
C. Scott BrownDecember 5, 2018299 shares

Google Duo seems to work on all Chromebooks now (if you ever use Duo)

If you use Google Duo to make video calls, here's some good news: the service now seems to work on all Chromebooks.
C. Scott BrownNovember 21, 201840 shares

Why Google Duo could see a user base boost after Google Assistant integration

You can now easily make video calls through Google Assistant... as long as you want to use Google Duo.
Duncan ElderJuly 24, 2018314 shares

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

The 252nd Android Apps Weekly is out! This week we talk about a new The Walking Dead AR game, a rare new skateboarding game release, Fortnite's possible launch date on Android, ...
Joe HindyJuly 14, 2018172 shares

Google might start bribing you to get your friends to use Google Duo

There might be a Google Duo rewards program on the way to incentivize you to convince your friends to stop using WhatsApp.
C. Scott BrownJuly 12, 2018387 shares
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