Google Pixel 4 hands-on!

Google Pixel 4 hands-on: Picture perfect in nearly every way

Eric Zeman October 15, 2019 756 shares

Behind the scenes: Google’s Pixel cameras aren’t trying to be cameras at all

David Imel October 15, 2019 861 shares

Google Pixel Buds 2 hands-on: The best earbuds I’ve not listened to

Kris Carlon October 15, 2019 263 shares

Google Pixelbook Go hands-on: The expensive Chromebook gets cheaper

Kris Carlon October 15, 2019 65 shares
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Even the government hates robocalls, and they’re finally doing something about it

The proposal blocks robocalls by default, though consumers can opt out.
Williams PelegrinJune 6, 201986 shares

Help us figure out what this battery-powered Google device is on the FCC site

It could be a few different things and the limited information available doesn't make it easy to determine.
C. Scott BrownMay 31, 201982 shares

Senate agrees robocalls suck, votes to make penalties more severe

The Senate voted 97-1 to approve an anti-robocall bill. Rand Paul was the only "nay" vote.
C. Scott BrownMay 23, 2019161 shares

US government doesn’t want China’s largest carrier to come to the US (Updated)

FCC chairman Ajit Pai believes China Mobile's application raises serious national security and law enforcement risks.
Williams PelegrinMay 9, 2019563 shares

Trump and FCC outline aggressive 5G plan, will not nationalize networks

Expanding 5G to rural areas of the country is a high priority within the new plan.
C. Scott BrownApril 12, 2019229 shares

FCC offering $67 million to expand rural broadband

Rural carriers have 30 days to decide whether to take the offer or not.
Williams PelegrinFebruary 26, 2019135 shares

Verizon politely asking FCC to allow it to lock phones for first 60 days

This is interesting because last year, Verizon vehemently denied it had any intentions of doing this.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 22, 2019341 shares

Future phones could use Google’s new touch-free motion sensor radar

Imagine using your phone, smartwatch, or other devices without actually touching it.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 2, 2019560 shares

FCC starting to think carriers might not be telling the truth all the time

The FCC is opening an investigation into whether wireless carriers might have fudged data for their own benefit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
C. Scott BrownDecember 7, 20183870 shares

The US might finally be doing something about robocalls

U.S. citizens received over 30 billion spam calls in 2017, so it is good to finally see Capitol Hill take robocalls seriously.
Williams PelegrinNovember 16, 2018149 shares
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