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What is Swipe Surge on Tinder?

Is activity surging in your area?

Published onMarch 8, 2023

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Harley Maranan / Android Authority

Tinder has added many features over the years. In 2018, they added “Swipe Surge,” which is essentially a way to make your profile appear more when activity is high. It can be a bit confusing, as, alongside all of the platform’s paid premium features, it can be hard to tell what’s what with Tinder. Let’s talk about what Swipe Surge is.


A Swipe Surge is an event that occurs within the Tinder app. These happen "when activity on Tinder naturally surges," and a notification appears when one starts. If you join a Swipe Surge, your profile gets a Swipe Surge badge and will appear earlier for other people. This is aimed at making Tinder activity happen quicker, in real time.

What in the world is a Swipe Surge?

swipe surge logo
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

A Swipe Surge is a naturally occurring event within the Tinder app. These can happen at any time and indicate above-average Tinder activity in your vicinity. Basically, when many people are using Tinder near you simultaneously, a Swipe Surge may trigger in your area.

When one starts, you will get a notification saying a Swipe Surge has begun. You can tap that notification to launch the app, and you are given the option to join the Swipe Surge.

If you don’t join the Swipe Surge, activity will still be bustling around you, but other users in the Swipe Surge will not appear earlier in your queue. Additionally, Tinder will not boost your profile, and you will be able to use the app normally.

If you do join the Swipe Surge, your profile will get boosted to the front of the line, so to speak. It will appear earlier in the queue for people who have joined the Swipe Surge. and your profile will also appear with a green Swipe Surge badge at the bottom.

The goal behind Swipe Surge is to expedite the process. Instead of waiting around for people to log on and see your profile and decide whether or not to swipe, everyone in the Swipe Surge can see who else is swiping in real time. Matches happen faster this way.


In terms of duration, a Swipe Surge on Tinder lasts as long as user activity is above-average. It can last from a few minutes to a few hours — or even longer. As such, it’s best to take advantage of a Swipe Surge when it happens.

You can’t. Swipe Surge is a naturally occurring event in Tinder that is determined by the activity of others in your area. You can disable Tinder notifications so the app won’t notify you of a Swipe Surge starting.

Yes, it is. Swipe Surges are not a paid event, and joining them is entirely free. You do not need to be a subscriber.

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