Turning your current living space into a smart home can be complicated and expensive, but things are changing. We are starting to see accessories like the Belkin Wemo Switch and Phillips Hue lights, which can turn any space into an intelligent one. The newest addition to this trend comes from crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and it goes by the name of Swidget.

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Swidget looks like an ordinary wall plug, but its true functionality comes from its modular design, which allows you to turn any electrical outlet into part of your smart home system. There is a slot in the middle, which can be occupied by one of the many inserts offered by the company. These include motion sensors, night lights, cameras, Alexa repeaters, USB chargers, speakers, WiFi extenders, speakers and more.

Said accessories can then connect to services like Smartthings, Nest, Google Home, Alexa and others to work with your other intelligent devices.

One thing about current smart home products is that once set up, trying to re-arrange things can become an annoying task. It is Swidget’s modularity that takes it to the next step. Inserts can easily adapt to new set-ups, which likely makes this the most versatile product of its kind.

Interested? You can sign up for the experience for as low as $38 by backing the Kickstarter project. Go check out the campaign and hit the comments to tell us what you think of Swidget!