Did you ever watch those movies where special agents communicate with each other by putting an index finger up to the ear? I wasn’t always able to see a device, so I wondered what exactly they were using. Maybe it was something like this week’s featured crowdfunding project.

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ORII is unlike any other Bluetooth headset you have used. This is because it is technically not a headset; it is a ring. Just like in those movies, the ring bearer will be able to simply reach out and place a finger on his ear to make calls. How does this happen? This product uses bone conduction to transmit sound through your finger.

This method brings forth a few benefits over traditional speakers. The main one is that it requires contact to work, meaning nearby people won’t be able to hear what the person on the other side of the line is saying, no matter how close the spy is. It is also great for making calls in loud places. Bone conduction uses vibration to transmit sound. Outside noises won’t really interfere. At the same time, you are not blocking outside noise when on the phone.

Need more convincing? There are a few other features you might be interested in. You can use it to activate both Siri and Google Assistant and make voice commands. In addition, the ring comes equipped with LED lights that will notify you of recent phone activity.

This could be many a kid’s dream, and now you can get it straight from Kickstarter by backing the project with $119 or more. The campaign has reached its goal, but you will have to wait until February 2018 for shipments to begin. Are any of you interested?