Three months after it made a massive splash on iOS, Nintendo’s mobile side-scroller game Super Mario Run finally has a release time frame on Android. The company confirmed, via its Twitter account, that the game will be released sometime in March 2017 in the Google Play Store.

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It’s been a bit of a long wait for Android fans to get their hands on the latest Mario game from Nintendo. Super Mario Run launched worldwide in mid-December for iOS and it generated 40 million downloads in just its first four days in the App Store. The excitement for the game has gone down since then, but a launch on Android should help boost those overall download numbers.

The game itself has you controlling Mario in an endless running style of gameplay through a number of 2D worlds that will seem both familiar and new to fans of the Super Mario Bros. console series. You can play part of the game for free but you will have to spend $9.99 to unlock all of its content. You can pre-register for Super Mario Run right now at the link below so you can get informed when it launches.

Nintendo also plan to launch another mobile game, the fantasy tactical-RPG Fire Emblem: Heroes, on Android in about two weeks, on Feb. 2.