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How to strikethrough text on Discord: a one-step guide

It's tilde time.
September 2, 2022

Discord allows you to manage the text you send with authority. That means being able to format your text as bold, italicized, or underlined. You can also strikethrough your text, which means it will come out with a line going through it. This is a great tool that allows you to more clearly communicate with the user on the other end. Let’s go over how to do strikethrough text on Discord.

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To do strikethrough on Discord, add two tildes on both sides of the text. For example, ~~strikethrough this~~ will appear as strikethrough this on Discord.

How to cross out text on Discord

strikethrough test discord
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

There are many situations where crossing out text can be useful. For example, if you need to go back and cross out something you wrote earlier, you can edit that message and strikethrough that text.

Additionally, if a Discord server has a bot set up to track activity, messages you delete or edit will appear as notifications. This can appear suspicious and, as a result, you may garner extra unwanted attention. If you don’t want to delete messages, sometimes the best alternative is to cross that text out.


Start typing a message anywhere; this can be in a direct message thread or a Discord server. This is the text you will format as strikethrough text.

begin typing something on discord
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Highlight your text. A small pop-up toolbar will automatically appear above your text; click the button that looks like an ‘S’ with a line running through it. This is the strikethrough button.

click the strikethrough button
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Once you click the strikethrough button, you will see your text change in the input field. It will have two tildes on each end. This is how strikethrough text is formatted.

strikethrough text on discord
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

When you send that message, it will appear crossed out.

strikethrough text on discord sent
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android and iOS

Formatting strikethrough text on the Discord mobile app is very easy. However, you must manually enter the two tildes on each end of the text you want to cross out.

Type your message on the Discord mobile app. This message must have two tildes on either side.

strikethrough discord mobile ios android
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Unlike the desktop app version, you won’t be able to see a preview of your text with a line going through it. You must send the message, then it will appear formatted as strikethrough text.

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