Sprint is lowering the price of its unlimited plans in an effort to better compete with similar offers from its rivals. At the same time, the carrier is also doing away with a popular deal that offered customers who switched over to Sprint from other carriers a way to get half off the price of their older plan.

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan is now just $50 a month for the first line, and that price goes down to $40 a month per line for two lines, and down again to $30 a month per line for four lines. All of those prices are below those offered by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile’s unlimited plans. However, this new deal from Sprint is not permanent. The fine print says that at the end of June 2018, the prices go up to $60 a month for one line, with an additional $40 a month for a second line, and $30 a month each for the third and fourth line.

The 50 percent off offer from Sprint launched in December 2014, in an major effort by the carrier to take away subscribers from rivals. Before then, Sprint was in deep trouble, as it had lost 3 million subscribers in the previous two years. The Wall Street Journal reports that promotion seems to have been a success, with Sprint gaining nearly two million new monthly subscribers since that offer launched. The decision to ditch the 50 percent off promotion in favor of lowering its unlimited plan prices seems to be an effort by Sprint to concentrate on being profitable again. The carrier has not had a profitable fiscal year since 2006.

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