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You told us: Many of you are sticking with Spotify due to Spotify Connect

Almost half of all respondents say it's a key reason why they're still using Spotify.

Published onJuly 31, 2023

spotify connect on google pixel watch
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Spotify Connect is a handy cross-platform feature, allowing you to remotely control listening from one device (such as your phone or watch). This is a feature our own Rita El-Khoury recently praised in an opinion piece, saying it’s the reason why she wouldn’t switch to another music platform.

Do you feel the same way about Spotify Connect, though? We asked this question in Rita’s article, and here’s what you told us.

What do you think of Spotify Connect?


This proved to be a popular poll, with over 5,200 votes counted as of writing. And the most popular pick? Well, 47.1% of respondents said they loved Spotify Connect and it’s one of the reasons they’re sticking with Spotify in the first place.

Meanwhile, 24% of polled readers said the feature is “a nice perk, but not indispensable.” This suggests that while the feature is great, it’s not a priority or main selling point for some polled consumers.

Otherwise, 18.9% of surveyed readers said they simply didn’t use Spotify, and 9.9% said they didn’t have strong feelings about Connect.


  • Peter Bé: I like spotify connect, but it needs some work done. I use it with denon speakers. If you use spotify connect, you can’t use sleep timer. It tells you either to quit spotify connect lr use timer. Just won’t go.
  • King Antonius: I loved Spotify connect until it randomly started playing southern rap and zydeco playlists, saying it had been initiated from my laptop which just happened to be turned off and in my backpack next to me. Still use Spotify, never had a reason to keep using Connect after that.
  • Alen Babacic: My Marantz AV comes with spotify connect, my BMW has intergrated spotify. There is no other service the intergrates so seamlessly. It’s too good to give up.
  • Jared Dyck: Spotify connect should work more like whisper sync on audible.
    I wish you could pick up where you left off on another device even if you paused what you were listening to especially for podcasts. I often start a long podcast in the morning in my car, listen to a bit at work at my desk during the day and then when I get back into the car I lose my spot every time because it continues where I left off on my phone instead of where I most recently finished listening at my desk 🤦‍♂️
  • humulos: The seamless experience was a major reason why I didn’t stick with Spotify. I listen to different music while working than I do while driving, and both are different from what I listen to around the house. Not being able to pick up where I left off in the car because I had been listening to something else at work was really annoying.
  • Olawale: I actually do share the same sentiments as you. I have a YouTube Premium Subscription presently as well as both Spotify and Apple Music Subscription. I’ve used Tidal and Deezer in the past too. I gravitate more towards Spotify. Everything about it just makes my music listening experience great. Especially with my plethora of mobile devices.
  • Mat Jaggard: I absolutely agree. I love the ability to play anywhere and move music around with me. The only slightly annoying part is that the Connect protocol is private so you can’t just use a multi-room system without either a Spotify supported platform (which Spotify have presumably charged for the benefit) or the unsupported librespot library which breaks occasionally.
  • Chaldon Pretorius: Spotify Connect is 100% the reason I cannot move away from the service, even as the recent redesigns have annoyed me and I am constantly getting podcasts shoved down my throat. Spotify is not perfect, but Connect is just too good to leave behind.

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