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Auto Switch Calls from Earpiece to Loudspeaker with SpeakerProximity App


Published onFebruary 6, 2012

For those of you who frequently make or receive calls on your Android phone, an effective app known as SpeakerProximity can be a handy app.  In a nutshell, the app provides automatic switching between earpiece and loudspeaker, depending on how far your phone is from you.

SpeakerProxmity can be extremely useful in sticky situations when you need both hands on the wheel or when taking calls while performing certain tasks requiring both hands. With the application enabled, all you need to do is take your call, mount the device on a stand, and you’re good to go. The application works like magic, once you receive a call the application determines the distance from your ear and automatically transfers your ongoing call from your phone’s earpiece to your loudspeaker–and vice-versa.

Launching the application on its first run will prompt you with a quick proximity sensor test to calibrate your device sensors. Calibrating your device requires you to manually set your phone’s proximity sensors for the app to work correctly when you receive calls. The test can be performed as many times as you want to calibrate or to check if the proximity sensor is working as expected.

Aside from rerouting audio to your phone’s loudspeaker, the application also packs some handy features that you will surely love.  One interesting feature known as the Headset Check helps you determine whether or not your device is connected to your headset. If your headset is connected to your phone and is currently being used, the Headset Check feature prevents the application from interfering during calls, regardless of whether proximity sensor is being covered or not.  So, with Headset Check enabled, audio from all calls will always be routed to your headset.

Another feature, the Conference Mode feature, lets you keep listening to your calls using the speakerphone regardless of whether the proximity sensor is covered or not.  Thus, when in Conference Mode, all audio from your calls will always be routed to the loudspeaker.

There is also the Speaker Start feature, which lets you automatically transfer all outgoing calls directly to your speakerphone.  As soon as you cover your phone’s proximity sensor, the said feature will automatically be disabled, thereby shifting the call to your earpiece.

Most high-end and recent Android phones already have built-in proximity sensors, so you should be able to set up SpeakerProximity and use it on such devices.  But, just to be sure, find out first whether your device has a proximity sensor, otherwise the app won’t work.

The SpeakerProximity application is currently in beta development. The application is not yet available on the Android Market, but if you wish to give it a try, you can grab the latest APK for free from its Google Project downloads page.

What do you think of the SpeakerProximity app?  Is it something that makes calls more convenient on your Android phone?