Sony is trying to make it easier for its Xperia X owners to read content at night. The company is rolling out a new Concept update on its Experimental track, which previously added Android 7.1.1 Nougat to the Xperia X. This new update adds the Night Light option to the phone’s display settings.

The update, which has the build number 38.3.A.0.66, will give users access to a Night Light feature that should help filter out blue light emitted from the display to aid in nighttime reading. And, just like with other phones’ Night Light features, you’ll be able to turn it on and off manually or automatically at sunrise and sunset.

Besides the nifty Night Light, this new Concept update also has a new version of the Xperia Home launcher, bug fixes for the phone’s noise cancelling and fingerprint test features, and improvements in network handling. Finally, the update has the latest January 2017 Android security patches from Google.

Keep in mind this update is just for Xperia X owners who have signed up for Concept updates on the Experimental track.

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