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Count your overnight winks with Somalytics sleep tracking nanotech

Somalytic's eye mask does a lot more than block out light.

Published onJanuary 6, 2023

  • Somalytics Inc. unveiled the SomaSleep, an innovative sleep-tracking mask.
  • The sleep mask uses the company’s nano-based capacitive sensors to track users’ eye movement.
  • The SomaSleep will be available by December 2023 for $199.

Simply put, hardly anyone is getting enough sleep. If you need proof, scope out the 6 am drive-through line at the Starbucks closest to you. Somalytics wants to help you get a better handle on your shut-eye with the SomaSleep sleep mask. The company announced the new sleep-tracking wearable at CES Unveiled.

We’re no strangers to sleep trackers here at Android Authority, and frankly, we’ve grown pretty accustomed to devices telling us we aren’t catching enough Zs. However, unlike other wearables that leverage data such as heart rate or body temperature, the SomaSleep is bringing something new to the bedroom. The innovative sleep mask uses nano-based capacitive sensors to monitor sleepers’ eye movement. This includes tracking regular as well as rapid eye movement to differentiate between sleep stages throughout the night.

SomaSleep Mask with sensor up-close
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Tracking sleep in this manner eliminates hurdles such as skin tone. It also produces accuracy similar to that of dedicated sleep centers. The result is a potentially invaluable tool for monitoring changes in sleep behavior or assessing individuals for health concerns such as a concussion or sleep disorder. According to Somalytics, the device will be available by December 2023 for $199.

Tracking rapid eye movement allows the SomaSleep to accurately identify sleep stages.

At the heart of the SomaSleep mask are Somalytics bread and butter: SomaCap carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors. Currently the world’s smallest nano-based capacitive sensors, the technology is highly sensitive to the human body. From gesture control to fluid monitoring, Somalytics sensors have broad and exciting potential for future implementation across the tech industry. Within the SomaSleep mask, 1mm sensors are integrated into the design to record users’ movement. Beyond the bed, the sensors have even more promise.