Snapchat is making it a little bit easier to find filters. The app is now using a new object recognition system to identify what’s in a picture and serve users relevant filters. If a dog is pictured, Snapchat will offer up a filter that says “it’s a pawty”.  Pictures of food might return one that says “what diet?”

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The filters began rolling out last week, but a full list hasn’t been announced yet. So far we’ve seen pets, food, and destinations like the beach trigger the filters. Even though Snap hasn’t built in categories to its app or released a list, we expect that it will soon. Filters are a revenue source for Snap, so it’s in its best interest to make them as accessible as possible for users.

These new filters build on the object identification already built into the app. Currently, you can search for objects or events in stories to find relevant snaps. With features like these, enhanced augmented reality masks, and a redesigned app built from scratch, Snapchat is hoping to stave off other social networks like Instagram and Facebook Messenger that are hoping to lure away its users.

If you want to try out the new filters, try snapping a pic of a relevant category. It should pop up, but the filters are also located in the normal carousel, which you can get to by a swipe to the right or left. If you don’t have a beach or a dog handy, try doing a Google Image search and then snapping a picture of your screen.

The functionality isn’t live for everyone yet, and for some users, it shows just one of the filters no matter what you take a picture of. We’re sure Snapchat will get these issues ironed out and the filters will be rolling out to everyone soon.

What do you think about these new filters? Do you think they’ll make you more likely to use Snapchat? Let us know down in the comments.

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