Those instant reply options in messaging apps are very helpful, but rarely are they really smart. This is where Google excels; using AI to personalize actions and content specifically for each user and situation. We have seen Google bring smart replies to Inbox, as well as Allo, and now Gmail is getting the same treat.

How do smart replies work? Google will analyze your emails and generate three eloquent replies for you to choose from. These quick answers will adapt to any received message, so the given options will be different (and related to each topic) every single time. And even when you do need to expand your reply, the pre-selected text will give you a head start on your email.  This should allow the conversation to flow easier most of the time.

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A good example of a scenario in which this feature would be useful is asking you for specific documents. Smart Replies could then suggest “No”, ” Yes, I’ll send them to you” or “I will have to look for them”. This example is much like the one Google shows in the GIF below.

The rollout will beign rolling out “later this week”. What do you guys think? Is this a feature you deem useful? I know I use smart and pre-written replies very often in other apps.

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