Just a word of warning: the video above contains strong language.

The Fourth of July will be here soon, and many Americans will need to figure out a way to tell the difference between hot dogs and… other types of food. Thankfully, the Not Hotdog app from HBO’s Silicon Valley has arrived on Android just in time.

For those who don’t know what I’m babbling about, Silicon Valley’s Jian-Yang and Erlich created an app in Season 4 that could tell the difference between hot dogs and things that aren’t hot dogs. No, it’s not a robust food identification app; the point of it is to decipher between things that are hot dogs and things that aren’t.

Place a hot dog in front of your phone, take a photo, and the app will then tell you that you are, indeed, looking at a hot dog. Take a picture of another object – like a shoe, a cup of coffee, etc. – and you will be presented with a not hot dog prompt. You can then share the results with your friends. Easy!

The app first launched for iOS back in May (right after the episode aired), so it’s nice to see it finally make its way to Android. Head to the Play Store link below if you have some hot dogs that need identifying.

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