It’s here folks! The most anticipated Google app of the year, Allo, is finally available in the Play Store, at least for the lucky few who can already install it.

Allo was announced at Google I/O and the promise was we would get to use it by the end of the summer. Google just made the deadline. Allo follows Duo, the simple video chat app that Google released a few weeks ago.

Like Duo, Allo is tied to your phone number. That means you won’t need to sign up for an account (yay!), but also that it won’t work on desktops (boo!) at least for now.

Allo is packed with lovely little features like stickers and the ability to draw on the screen, but the really cool thing about is Assistant, Google’s new intelligent… assistant. Think of Assistant as the smarter, more talkative successor of Google Now. You will be able to ping Assistant by typing “@google” and from there you can give it queries like “how’s the weather” or “find the best tacos near me.” In theory, you should get fast, accurate answers, just as you would if you had a real life personal assistant.

Google may take its time making Allo available to all users through the Play Store. We’re only seeing the option to pre-register so far, but we tracked down an .apk file that should let you get started right away. Download the Allo .apk here (or try mirror) (may not work on all devices) or try your luck in the Play Store below.