Sandisk Connect 200 GB USB stick thumb drive

Despite being one of the crudest pieces of technology in anyone’s arsenal, a flash drive – or USB stick as some call them – is still one of the most useful tools in your kit. Likely despised by Google and other cloud-centric companies, flash drives are stepping up their game: Sandisk has just announced a 200 GB version of its USB 2.0 flash drive that also works wirelessly.

The Sandisk Connect is your typical USB stick, but it also has a very nifty trick up its sleeve: you can transfer data to and from the Sandisk Connect over Wi-Fi. At CES 2016 Sandisk unveiled a new higher capacity Connect too; it is now available in 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 200 GB varieties.

You can stream to three different devices at the same time, with everything handled by the Sandisk Connect app and no internet connection required. You can set it up to create automatic backups of photos and stream music to your phone from your backpack or pocket for up to four hours courtesy of the lithium ion battery.

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Of course, you can also plug the USB 2.0 connector into your laptop or connect it with a USB OTG cable to your smartphone as well. You can buy the Sandisk Connect 200 GB flash drive from Amazon for $119.99 right now.