In addition to that 8-core new Exynos5 Octa mobile processor that will most likely equip some of Samsung’s future flagship Android smartphones and tablets, the company also demoed today on stage during its second CES 2013 keynote its flexible display technology (Youm) on a smartphone.

This isn’t the first time Samsung flexible OLED displays are presented at CES, but this time around it looks like the South Korean company is closer and closer to launching mobile devices sporting such technology.

And it looks like there already is a working smartphone prototype that packs such a display out at CES, showcasing the potential of this new display technology, although Samsung is yet to announce any new product packing such a panel.

In addition to Samsung, LG also has plans to use flexible display in its future products, and will release such devices in the second half of the year, The Korea Herald reveals. But from the looks of it, the Galaxy device maker has a head start when it comes to launching gadgets with flexible displays, at least according to LG’s own estimates.

Getting back to Samsung’s Youm, we’re definitely looking forward to see how the first mobile devices sporting foldable displays will look like. It’s not that we desperately need to fold smartphones and tablets, but we’re certainly interested in what Samsung, and its clients that will purchase such OLED displays, will come up now that the technology is maturing.

Anyone looking forward to see flexible OLED displays in the next Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models?