Samsung Pay has proven to be a favorite mobile payment service, thanks to its wide support. After all it is the only mobile payment service that can work with any traditional POS terminal, as its system mimics the magnetic strip in cards. Any place that accepts card should be able to take Samsung Pay.

The only issue is Samsung Pay users have been missing out on one key feature, which is finally being added today. The application now supports membership and loyalty cards. This means you can now slim down your actual wallet by adding cards from gyms, retail stores and other merchants straight to the app.


Users can then simply pull out their digital cards and have the bar codes easily scanned on location.

“With this new feature, Samsung Pay is giving users quick access to their favorite membership and loyalty programs and making shopping even easier. Right now, shoppers have several things—credit and debit cards, membership cards, coupons, gift cards—they need to take out of their wallets and scan at the register. Samsung is simplifying the check out experience by bringing those items to your phone, representing our next step toward a world without physical wallets.” -Nana Murugesan, VP of Strategy and Operations for Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Pay AA

This will be a very welcomed addition to Samsung Pay. Both Android Pay and Apple Pay have been supporting loyalty cards for some time now, and Samsung claims the average American household carries around 30 loyalty cards. Though physical wallets are still not going anywhere soon, carrying less is always better.

How many of you are using Samsung Pay on a regular basis? Will you be taking advantage of loyalty card support?

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