Samsung Pay AA

Samsung Pay is pretty much the most widely accepted mobile payment system out there. The problem is, not all banks are supported, so you might not be able to use it if you have a bank that has yet to make its way to Samsung’s radar. The company has been doing a good job at adding more and more banks and credit unions to its lineup, and today Samsung announced the addition of a big one. Samsung Pay now supports Wells Fargo debit and credit cards!

That’s right — debit and credit cards with Wells Fargo, one of the United States’ largest banks, can now be used with Samsung’s mobile payment method. Awesome, right? With this new addition, Samsung Pay now supports a total of 70 banks and credit unions in the US, which the company claims covers “over 70 percent of the US credit and debit card market.”

For a full list of banks and credit unions supported by Samsung Pay, head to this link.

Despite only being compatible with Samsung devices, Samsung Pay is reportedly growing faster than Apple Pay. It’s still worth noting that Apple Pay has more monthly active users (around 12 million) than Android Pay and Samsung Pay combined, though Apple Pay did have a year-long head start on the two other payment methods. And if Samsung keeps working hard to bring more banks to Samsung Pay, that gap might begin closing in much sooner than anticipated.

Jimmy Westenberg
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