Update, July 10, 2020 (1AM ET): As Samsung’s August 5 Unpacked event nears, we’re seeing a lot of new information emerge about the new Galaxy Tab S7 series. Tipster Evan Blass has now leaked yet another render of the vanilla Galaxy Tab S7 which matches previously outed renders in the original article below. The latest image doesn’t tell us anything new but shows the vibrant color display of the tablet with slim bezels around it. Take a look.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Render Evan Blass 1

Credit: Evan Blass

The new renders also come after purportedly leaked Galaxy Tab S7 Plus specs emerged earlier this week. It’s believed the larger tablet will sport a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and a 10,090mAh battery, which should hopefully result in super-long endurance.

Original article, June 11, 2020 (5:10PM ET): The Android tablet market has never been robust. However, if you’re looking for the absolute best tablet Android has to offer, you can’t go wrong with one of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab S devices. For 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will likely be the king of the crop, and we’ve got our first look right here.

Thanks to @OnLeaks (via Pigtou), we have our first leaked renders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. When it comes to leaked renders, @OnLeaks is usually dead-on, so we can say with relative confidence that what you see here is what the Tab S7 will look like.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 renders

The renders do not show the Apple Pencil-like stylus that came with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. However, you can clearly see the rear groove in the renders where it would magnetically attach, so it’s likely we’ll see a stylus with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

You can also see the dual-lens camera array on the rear of the renders, which is similar to the Tab S6’s cameras. However, it appears the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has a flash included, which we didn’t see on the Tab S6. To be clear, though, it’s possible that the module area where @OnLeaks put a flash could instead be for a third camera lens, although that’s unlikely.

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Unfortunately, renders such as these don’t give us an idea about the internal specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. We have heard that it will have a huge 7,760mAh battery, 5G connectivity in certain areas of the world, and plenty of RAM and storage. That’s all just rumor at this point, though.

One thing is relatively certain: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will probably be very expensive. The Galaxy Tab S6 launched for $650, so the follow-up will probably match that price or even hit the $700 mark. Start saving your pennies.

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