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Fortunately for Lil Wayne the Galaxy S7 is also champagne-resistant

March 14, 2016
Champagne-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has posted three new commercials promoting the water-resistance rating and Gear VR compatibility of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge featuring Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes. You have to give it to Samsung’s marketing because they seem to be hitting all the right spots with their promotion of the new S7 models.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge hands on comparison

In the first commercial Lil Wayne impresses his friends with the champagne-resistant properties of the Galaxy S7. I can’t say I’ve tried this for myself, but if Lil Wayne says it on TV it must be true. The same phone takes a dunk in a fish tank just to demonstrate it is also water-resistant. Whuuut?

The second and third commercials feature the Gear VR. We see Lil Wayne narrating what he’s doing – both in and out of the virtual world – and then being joined by Wesley Snipes, who appears in both the real and virtual world. Very cool.

Samsung makes a good case for the coolness of the virtual reality headset in the final commercial by showing Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes on the couch, with Snipes dodging something in his VR experience while Lil Wayne delivers a baby elephant. Yeah, we’re not sure why either, but it’s pretty funny.

Have you tried Gear VR? What’s your favorite VR experience so far?