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The Galaxy S6 Edge+ might have 4GB of RAM... does it need it?

A new report out of Vietnam is alleging that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge+ will come with 4GB of RAM. Let's consider why.

Published onJuly 27, 2015

samsung galaxy s6 vs s6 edge aa (28 of 39)

The Samsung of 2015 is a new Samsung. A different Samsung. A more focused, fine-tuned Samsung… at least this is what the company wants consumers to believe. After 2014 saw a decrease in mobile phone sales and ptofitability, 2015 was meant to be a chance to reduce excess product releases, trim the fat, and promote premium.

While Samsung’s possible reduction from 56 phones to just 26 this year might be deemed “smart”, to some it will still come across as failure to curtail the impressive menagerie of smartphones and tablets it releases. TouchWiz however, has been significantly reduced both in size, scope, and substance. The key elements that users look to the company for are still in tow, but less useful components like the Tool Box or Hovering ability are gone.

The Plus is packing RAM?

Curious then, that a new rumor out of Vietnam is suggesting Samsung may be opting to release the upcoming (and as-of-yet unconfirmed) Galaxy S6 Edge+ with 4GB of RAM when it launches in a few weeks.

While the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is widely expected to ship with 4GB of RAM, this is seemingly more about day-to-day usage rather than a formality. The Galaxy Note series has always been about productivity, and that entails not only the S-Pen, but also an entire suite of software modifications that imbue the device with such fitness.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is… just an enlarged Galaxy S6 Edge. Seemingly (and literally) nothing more, nothing less. New reports are suggesting the device will even pack the same Exynos 7420 SoC as opposed to a Snapdragon 808. So if the standard S6 Edge was left to fend for itself with 3GB of RAM, why then should the S6 Edge+ require 4GB?

Consideration 1: It has nothing to do with Apple

Despite all the claims that the product exists simply as a way to “combat” the iPhone 6s Plus, we would argue the RAM spec is totally unrelated. Apple has never deemed it worthwhile to bequeath its profit-providing smartphone series with copious amounts of RAM, and thus it would be seemingly of no value for Samsung to bother.

Consideration 2: It has much to do with Chinese OEMs

These days, it’s not so challenging to find a smartphone packing 4GB of RAM. Just one look at the ASUS ZenFone 2, a device that is proving to be quite popular due to its price and spec-set, to find a 4GB variant has been released for those opting to spend some extra cash. The ZTE nubia Z9 is another 4GB monster and one that our team thought quite highly of. Upcoming Chinese phones expected to have the extra RAM include the OnePlus 2, Lenovo K80, the OPPO Find 9, and the HUAWEI Ascend D8.

These devices all have – or presumably will – the added benefit of costing less than Samsung’s flagship product line. This is even more true of the device being considered within this piece given that based on the pricing of the standard S6 Edge, the cost of the Plus is likely to be even higher.

Samsung is thus forced to compete spec-for-spec in key market share “battleground” countries with products that potentially offer more, and do it for less.

Consideration 3: Including 4GB of RAM is the only clear solution

The overall success of the S6 and S6 Edge have been plagued by a few small problems, one of which is an overly aggressive RAM management profile. TouchWiz will frequently kill off background apps instead of suspending them, ultimately leading to increased latency when “resuming” an app. The problem has seemingly been persisting even with the update to Lollipop 5.1 and thus perhaps the inclusion of 4GB is a consideration for this debacle.

Read And Mull (over)

Ultimately we may never know exactly why Samsung has decided to include 4GB of RAM on the S6 Edge+, assuming it even does in the first place. While the leak itself come from the very country responsible for much of the Korean company’s manufacturing (Vietnam) it is ultimately not official until Samsung says so.

What’s your take on the issue? Should the Galaxy S6 Edge+ come with 4GB of RAM? Should the standard model have as well? What could be Samsung’s motivation? Leave us a comment and let everyone know your thoughts below.

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