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You told us: Here's what Samsung should do with the S24 Plus

Roughly 56% of respondents want to see the Galaxy S24 Plus and other Plus variants in the future.

Published onJanuary 16, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus rear panel on pink
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

A South Korean news outlet recently reported that Samsung might get rid of the Galaxy S24 Plus in 2024, leaving us with the base model and Ultra variant. Well-known journalists and leakers have since countered these claims, asserting that Samsung is indeed offering the S24 Plus next year.

In any event, we thought it’d be a good idea to ask our readers what Samsung should do with the Plus variant. We posted a poll inside our news story last week, and here’s what you told us.

Do you think Samsung should get rid of the Plus model?


Just over 1,400 votes were tallied to date, and it turns out that ~56% of respondents don’t want Samsung to get rid of Plus models. At least one reader noted in the comments that the Galaxy S22 Plus in particular was a good middle-ground between the small Galaxy S22 and the expensive Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Meanwhile, 44% of surveyed readers felt Samsung should indeed get rid of the Plus variant. One reader pointed out that the Galaxy S22 Plus wasn’t all that different from the base model, only getting a bigger battery and screen.

Either way, we hope Samsung brings significant improvements to the S24 Plus if it’s indeed staying. We’d love to see better cameras and sharper screens, for one.


  • Beardednomad: The problem is the existence of the Ultra. With carrier deals there really was no incentive to buy the 22+, the Ultra was selling for either same price or not too much more (especially for everyone who trades in or finances). If the Ultra came out in the fall like the old Note devices, Samsung wouldn’t have this issue.
  • Catman833: The problem is that Samsung does little to differentiate the Plus from the regular models. Where the Ultra gets more RAM, a better screen and better cameras, the Plus is just a bigger screen and battery. Samsung has too many mid range models which end up competing with each other. The S21 FE presents a much better value and give the vast majority of the functionality of the S22 Plus. What Samsung would be wise to do is bring out a smaller S24 Ultra with a more boxy design, the same higher RAM and same better cameras. Position that $100 cheaper than the Ultra and they’d have a winner.
  • Be: I can’t stand the boxy look of the Ultra. Will they ever get rid of it? The problem with Samsung is that they have too many offerings which confuses customers. It has nothing to do with the Plus model not being good. I like it and will most likely get the 23+.
  • Gene Yanenko: I’m an S22 Ultra user and will be getting the S23U as soon as it becomes available but it’s still an expensive phone for some people that don’t need all those features. I think the base S22 might be a bit small for some people and the S22+ is a good compromise for many people. It has a bigger screen and battery but still is fine to hold for many people with smaller hands. I don’t think it costs THAT much to have it in the lineup as an option.

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