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You told us: Most of you want a Galaxy Note instead of the Galaxy S22 next year

You obviously miss Samsung's S Pen-toting phablet.

Published onAugust 2, 2021

samsung galaxy note 20 review punch hole
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Samsung isn’t launching a new Galaxy Note this year and it is obvious fans are disappointed. Over 28,000 people have now signed a petition urging Samsung to launch the Galaxy Note series instead of the Galaxy S22 phones early next year.

We originally reported about the petition on Friday. At the time, it sought only 10,000 signatures and had received 8,000 of them. Evidently, more people hopped on the bandwagon over the weekend.

We also conducted a separate poll on Android Authority asking our readers if they would also like Samsung to replace the Galaxy S22 series with new Galaxy Note phones. Here’s how they voted in the survey.

Should Samsung replace the Galaxy S22 series with new Galaxy Note phones in 2022?


64% of the 1,624 votes we received are in favor of Samsung replacing the Galaxy S22 series with a Galaxy Note series.

17.4% of the respondents feel ditching the Galaxy S22 for new Note phones isn’t a good idea.

Meanwhile, about the same number of people (17.9%) want Samsung to launch both the Galaxy S and Note series flagships next year.

Your comments

picpi: How could “everybody be happy” if I don’t get the updated s22 I’ve been looking forward to all year long?
You want a new Note, I want a new Galaxy S. How to make everybody happy at the same time? You say to skip the S and launch a new note, and everybody will be happy. How about we skip the Note and launch the S and everybody will be happy?

PhoenixWitti: Samsung is kidding itself if it thinks Note fans are going to go BACKWARDS in the camera department and integral S pen with any other models.

Mental Implosion: I love the S Pen, but I do not use it for more than just taking screenshots of a specific part of the screen. Not worth the extra amount I paid for the phone. Would prefer the pen baked in the S line.

Ryan: Why don’t they simply include an S Pen with the S22 Ultra? Isn’t that pretty much the only difference between the S Series and the Note Series? And less rounded corners?

daftrok: People want the phone to have a dedicated place to put the pen INTO it. So unless the Galaxy phones come with that as standard people want the Note. The other differentiating factor between the Note series and Galaxy series was that it was a six-month refresh. However, with the chip shortage and diminishing returns they just made the Galaxy as beastly as possible and are now going to make the Fold and Flip series the new Note replacement. The S-Pen will be an afterthought only available to slide into a little slot on a case instead of something you slide into the phone.

Adnan Pilav: Galaxy Note devices have always been better than their Galaxy S counterparts, they do however cater to a slightly different type of power user and at a higher base price which is understandable considering the additional tech and build quality they crammed into them. Bummer they’re trying to end Note production in favor for the foldable devices though. I can’t see myself trading my Note20 Ultra for an S or Fold device yet unless they integrate native S-Pen support and not think of it as an accessory like they tried with the S22 series this year.

Michael Alvarez: Foldables usually have flexible wiring tapes that don’t last long unlike regular slab phones. I would still prefer a Note compared to the S series. Hope they bring in much-advanced tech especially in the camera when it can take Moon shots and better night shots too.

Awang Patrick: The note series alone is what enticed me to Samsung…The best series ever…If they stop making note series I will go to the dark side.

John Perman: Release the Note at the same time as the S series. That way, people can have the choice to buy an S22 series or buy the Note, instead of waiting 5 or 6 months.
The Note is the top-tier device, which should include omitted features of the S series. MicroSD card slot, more base RAM and storage, dual USB-C ports or a 3.5mm jack and a notification LED. And of course, the S pen that slides back into the phone.

Dorothy MacDowell Pollock: I’d love a note without a curved screen. Love the current Note 20 Ultra but sometimes the curves are annoying.

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