Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers

Thanks to our friend Sir Hydarnes, we now have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers for you to download: right here, right now. There’s the few S Pen walls you’ve likely already seen, along with some new pastel geometric wallpapers you likely haven’t. Hit the thumbs below to launch the full resolution Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers and enjoy.

The Galaxy Note 7 is due to be officially unveiled at a launch event in New York City on August 2. Pre-orders for the as-yet unannounced device are already live in the UAE and the leaks are coming in thick and fast. Reportedly featuring an iris scanner, new S Pen features and refined design, what we’ve seen so far is certainly adding up to one compelling device.

Note: We converted the files from PNG format to JPG to reduce file size and shorten page loading times, but if you want the full PNG originals, you can grab them here.

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_7-essential_built_in_wallpaper blue
Samsung_Galaxy_Note_7-essential_built_in_wallpaper gold
Samsung_Galaxy_Note_7-essential_built_in_wallpaper purple
Samsung_Galaxy_Note_7-essential_built_in_wallpaper silver

Thanks Sir Hydarnes!