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Samsung celebrates Note 9 release by pretending Note 7 didn't happen

Further proof that Samsung is moving forward with the Note 7 stricken from the record.

Published onAugust 24, 2018

  • To celebrate today’s release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Sammy posted an infographic with a history of the Note line.
  • The infographic goes into detail on every Note product — except the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which isn’t mentioned at all.
  • This is further proof that Samsung apparently intends to strike the Galaxy Note 7 from the record entirely.

A few weeks ago, Samsung released a teaser ad to hype up the then-upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The teaser ad ran through the numerical entries in the Note line, but very conspicuously skipped over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Today, to celebrate the global release of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung posted a neat infographic that goes over the entire history of Galaxy Note devices, even including the Galaxy Note Edge. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Well, it’s still missing.

This is further proof that Samsung is apparently moving forward pretending that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 simply didn’t exist.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

For those of you who missed out on the craziness two years ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched to much fanfare with rave reviews from multiple publications (including here at Android Authority). However, not long after the device made it into customers’ hands, battery problems caused a small-but-significant number of units to spontaneously explode and/or catch fire.

Samsung initially responded with assurances that it was an isolated problem that it would handle on a case-by-case basis, but eventually realized the issue was beyond control. Eventually, it issued a full recall for all Note 7 devices around the world.

With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine the desire to strike the Note 7 from the record. But it does seem a bit like revisionist history, especially when you consider the following:

  1. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a terrific device in many ways, marred only by the battery problems.
  2. Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition shortly after the recall, which was essentially a rebranded Note 7 without the battery issues. Why isn’t that on the infographic?

Samsung is allowed to do what it wants with its historical reflection on its line of releases, but this assumption that we simply won’t notice that Sammy is glossing over the Note 7 in full is a little insulting.

Let us know your opinions on the matter in the comments below. And here’s the infographic in question:

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