Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Notetaking)-6

It appears many Galaxy Note 7 owners are having trouble parting with their devices. To help move the return process along, Samsung has announced that it will be rolling out a software update to Note 7 devices in Europe that will limit the maximum battery charge to 60%. The update will roll out across Europe starting Monday, October 31. This new Europe-focused software update is similar to the one that rolled out back in September to original Note 7 devices.

Roughly two-thirds of Note 7 devices have been replaced in Europe to date

Samsung claims that roughly two-thirds of Note 7 devices have been replaced in Europe to date, and it hopes this new battery-limiting software update will get the other third returned.

This isn’t the only way Samsung is communicating with Note 7 users, though. The company has been sending out push notifications and other forms of direct communication to users, and keeping everyone up to date on all relevant social media channels.

While limiting a smartphone’s battery charge to 60% can help minimize the risk of it overheating, this update will likely be more useful in that it will annoy users into giving up and returning their devices.

If you haven’t yet, please – return your Galaxy Note 7.

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