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Samsung releases a couple more Galaxy Note 4 commercials

Samsung has released two new commercials for the Galaxy Note 4. One video focuses on the new S-Pen and the other highlights the capabilities of the new 16MP camera.
October 27, 2014
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For those of you that do not have your Galaxy Note 4 yet, but want to see more of it in action, Samsung has launched a couple new commercials just for you. The S-Pen and camera take front and center in these ones, with not a mention that this is one of the largest phones on the market.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 only recently started shipping to customers around the globe, but that has not stopped Samsung from heavily promoting it in many mediums since its announcement. The 5.7-inch Note 4 is a somewhat beautiful phone, leaving many to suggest that it should be Samsung’s primary flagship, in place of the formidable Galaxy S5.

The S-Pen has been an intriguing peripheral since the early days of the Note series. At first glance, many laugh it off as just a stylus, that’s so Palm Pilot of you, but the S-Pen is a little bit more. The most recent rendition brings great control, not only of note taking and handwriting, but of app management as well. Check out what we’ve had to say about it in our S-Pen feature focus.

We really have seen a ton of advancements in smartphone camera technology, and the Galaxy Note 4’s offering is no exception. In the video, Samsung shows off image stabilization, zoom and group selfie skills. Only a handful of devices offer quality image stabilization, and even fewer offer it optically – the Note 4 is on that list.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers up the same 16MP resolution as the Galaxy S5, but in a bit of a surprise move, the Note 4 uses a Sony sensor instead of Samsung’s ISOELL. Either way, 16MP is enough to play with to produce a decent quality photo even while using digital zoom, and the advertised 8x zoom should serve users well. Perhaps the Note 6 will get optical zoom.

What do you think, did either of these commercials help you decide to pull the trigger on the Galaxy Note 4?