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Anonymous early Galaxy Fold owner answers questions about device on Twitter

An anonymous person with early access to a Samsung Galaxy Fold answered questions about the device.

Published onMarch 27, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold rear panel

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable device from Samsung, isn’t due to hit stores for another month. However, one lucky person already has a European model.

This anonymous Galaxy Fold owner took to Twitter (through the editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, Mishaal Rahman) to answer lots of questions about how the device works.

Samsung’s folding test shows Galaxy Fold’s hinge is clickier than expected
The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phone.

You can click here to read the full Twitter thread, but we’ve compiled some highlights below. The overall feeling we got from reading the anonymous user’s answers is that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a really cool device, although it doesn’t seem like it is completely ready for prime time.

Here’s our summary of the anonymous Galaxy Fold owner’s opinions:

  • App continuity works, but is slow. The user gives an example of using Chrome on the smaller front screen of the Fold and then opening it up to continue browsing on the inner screen. According to the user, the device will completely re-render the web page, causing a few seconds of delay between the opened and closed state.
  • It doesn’t fold up flat. Although this is something we already knew, the user does again confirm that the device doesn’t fold up completely flat, instead folding more like a binder.
  • The small screen does it all. If you want to play games or run nearly any app on just the small screen of the Fold, that is possible, according to this user.
  • The hinge does not extend further than its flat state. If you want to unfold the device past the point where it is fully flat and open, that is not possible without breaking the device.
  • The Fold doesn’t have a “clamshell” mode. If you open up the Fold halfway so that it looks like a tiny laptop, it won’t work for you. The screen remains off and getting it to balance in this state is tricky.
  • Apps appear on an all-black background if they don’t fill the screen. If you open an app on the larger screen of the Fold, and that app doesn’t automatically fill the screen, it will appear in its “phone size” on a black background. You then have the option of stretching the app to make it fill the screen.
  • Yes, the fold crease down the middle is noticeable. However, the user says it’s not really bad as long as you have the screen brightness above 70 percent. You can still feel it under your fingers, though.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will enter the pre-order stage in the United Kingdom on April 26 for a May 3 release. It’s still unknown when the device will be available in the U.S. In the meantime, U.K. citizens can click the button below to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Fold.