Samsung Galaxy Fold upper half tablet mode on table

According to a new rumor from The Korea Herald, we likely won’t see the Samsung Galaxy Fold launch in June 2019. The Korea Herald cites “industry sources” and “some telecom officials” as the source of this information.

If this rumor is true, that would mean we wouldn’t see the Fold until at least July 2019 and Samsung would miss its anticipated re-release goal.

We’ve reached out directly to Samsung to confirm this, but didn’t hear back before press time. So far, the company has been silent on any concrete Samsung Galaxy Fold news since DJ Koh announced that a decision regarding the release of the device would be made “in a couple of days.” However, that was on May 9, almost three weeks ago.

Samsung Galaxy Fold tablet mode on chair
Report details just what Samsung is doing to update the Galaxy Fold

Recently, Best Buy canceled all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. In its notice to consumers about the cancelations, the company made it clear that even it does not know when Samsung plans to push out the foldable smartphone.

At a certain point, Samsung will need to decide if pushing out the Fold will be better than prolonging things further. If the company waits too long, the Samsung Galaxy Fold could lose all its luster when it finally does land. On the other hand, if Samsung releases the device before it’s ready, the phone could be a consumer nightmare and cause multiple PR headaches.

The release date of the Fold was postponed after early review units started to fail for various reasons. You can read our full synopsis of what happened below.

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